e-Lab is a very simple software to operate.
No need to learn.
no need for any training of computers.
No Need to use MS Word or Excel

Very Simple Procedure of Working as 1-2-3

1. Enter Patient Details and select tests with a single click of mouse

2. Make Test Report Very Fast more faster than excel 

3. Maintain Patient Records easily and effortlessly

Patient Entry Very Simple & Very Fast Just Input Patient Name, Age, Gender, Refering doctor and
contact information of patient. Software automatically picks the current system
date and assigns an automatic OPD No. to the patient.

Test to be performed on patient can selected with a single click of mouse. Software

automatically prints receipt to the patient as we save the patient entry. 

in Receipt details of tests and cash received against tests is printed very nicely
with details.

 Feed patient results very fast. more fast than Excel.

The main crux of Pathology lab is in the printing of patient report. Elab software takes care of every aspect related to printing of test report very technically.

In Elab software we can feed the patient results very fast more fast than Excel.


Developed very professionally using gradient cell technologies

There are many checks we can define lower and upper limits for test results. Any abnormal test results gets highlighted automatically. 

because E-lab software has been developed very professionally using gradient cell technologies (zulita).


Give your report a very smart and descriptive look with notes

Notes are detailed interpretation regarding particular test. To give your report a very professional and descriptive look we can insert notes(Interpretations) In E-lab software very smartly.


 Edit notes at report time

 In ELab store all the notes as template in test master that can be edited at the time of test results. Using the F4 key

Input Complicated test formats like widal in a single click 

Widal test pathology structure is so complicated and requires special format. Elab software provides a very formative and professional structure for special tests like widal. Making it very easier to input widal test reports in a single click and print as per guidelines by medical research council.

 Design report format without any technical knowledge.  

Use colors, logos, border, lines, stylish fonts, watermark to beautify our test report. 

Design test report on Pre-printed stationary or simple format. 

using very high end preparatory technology

Innovative, professional & forecasting reports

 Like patient test register everything is noted very carefully. We can filter any report by patient name, refference by doctor,  test name,  OPD No.  etc with a very nice printing format.

e-Lab software generate many other valuable reports automatically like daily collection report, daily hospital report.

The software generates all the reports in the very informative and analytical data graphically. Like test Wise comparison, Doctor Wise Comparison, Date wise Comparison.  And much more


 Calculate Doctor's Profit Sharing

 In Elab software we can calculate the doctor profit sharing report on Per Test basis as defined in the doctor master or percentage basis.

There is no need to pay your valuable time making these reports.

Using eLab software  all innovative, professional and forecasting reports are generated automatically. 


Logical and financial reports

 In daily working there are many logical and financial reports that are not possible if we use ms word or any other third party software.

The More you explore; the more you get


Keep total control over your business

Security is key feature in laboratory software. Any unauthorized person should not be able to modify the test results and print the report again. Using ELab software you can define user rights for different users at different condition.

Create Tests Master - Your Way

Test Master in e-Lab Software is so flexible, there is no limit for creating new tests master, modify any existing test master or delete any test master.

While creating new Test Master, we can define the serial order of the test to maintain the universal sequence in printing, Test group name, Sub Group Name, unit, Default values, Cost, normal Range, lower boundary and upper boundary of test.


Configure Lower and upper boundaries of test. If operator makes a mistake while entering report. Results will be highlighted automatically. Leaving no chances for any human mistake.


Specify default value, in case results have a value that comes commonly in most of the reports


Keep notes or special instructions as templates

 In e-Lab we can store Test interpretation or special instruction as notes in test master template in a very informative and suggestive format which can be edited at the time of generating test report. No need to input notes or instructions again and again at result time.


Configure Test Groups as per your formulation

there are number of tests, every test have a group or subgroup, 

in eLab software, define new groups or subgroups with their serial order no. 

Structurise each test profit share with doctor

Most of the clinical labs share their profit with referring doctor. 

Using e-Lab software we can structurise each test profit share very simply.