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My Business Engineer



Business In Scaffolding / Shuttering trade is not like other trades, in which we feed purchase and sale entries to maintain our stock and accounts.


In Shuttering Stores, The businessman provides items to its customers on rental basis. Items are issued and received at different time intervals. At the end of month a bill is to be dispatched to every customer. In manual working Bill generation is a very much time consuming and tedious process.


Apart from this rent settings are different for different customers. Items are to be maintained in different sizes. Items are purchased, hired, sold, un-hired, produced, consumed in different sizes. Stock is maintained item wise and size wise.




There is a very huge need for special software that can manage their stock, make accurate rental bills intergrated with financial accounts upto balance sheet.


The perfect solution for this trade is “Emerald ERP” (My  Business Engineer)



“Life becomes very easy when we start working on emerald. Reduce your total mental burdens to achieve your life targets.”




Developed by very experienced technocrats


 Loved by more than 700 well established scaffolding business tycoons


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Emerald E.R.P. Software design your item master very Intelligently that is the base of further calculations. 


As we know, in scaffolding business; there are number of items and every item is organized in different sizes. In emerald Software we feed every Item with Rent; and size with opening Stock, because all the rental bills are generated as per items and stock is managed as per size. 

In emerald e.r.p. software all the screens are designed by experts very carefully just as we work manually so that all the business reports that consume your very precious time are now generated automatically in nano seconds.



  No need to remember rates and breakage charges set with every party. 


In scaffolding business, there are number of parties. To remember item wise rates set with every party for each site is very difficult job.

In agreement, we can not only setup the rates of each item with the party, but also define damage and breakage charges to be charged in case of items received in broken condition.


Automatically Show Party's Rate and stock Balance while issuing challans

In Scaffolding business, everyday number of items are issued to different parties for their different sites. In manual working, to know party rates for particular site and particular item and how much stock is balance on that site is very complicated.

In Emerald E.R.P. Software, when we  issue the items to the party for particular site, software automatically picks very very quickly all the results like Rate set with party, Stock Balance as well as stock at party site.


Enter Breakage and damage components while entering receipt challans

In Software as and when party returns the items, it is not necessary that we receive every item as it is. some items may be in broken condition. and sometimes we may receive items more than the issued quantity.  

At the receiving time, in software we can also feed some other supporting items or components which are not a part of rent but they are chargable as a breakage. 

Any other charges paid at the time of receiving like freight, labour can be entered in receiving challan.





Create Accurate Rental Bills in no time

In Scaffolding business, revenue comes from rent. To generate accurate and error free rental bills always use Emerald E.R.P. Software.

Emerald E.R.P. Software Very quickly calculates number of days each item is retained at party site & calculates its rent according to rates setup during agreement.




Picks Missing or damaged components from receiving challans, 

Calculates breakage charges as per rates set in agreement.





Shows Other charges paid during issue / receive challans. 

In manual working, to calculate everything regarding one party; like stock, rent, breakage item's quantity and charges, challan charges during challan issue / receipt; requires at least one complete business day. 




 Produces very valuable and intelligent reports 
like party details in which we give all the details to the party for each transaction.




Don't waste your valuable time maintaining “Party wise stock” register

No need to waste your valuable time maintaining Party wise stock register. Software automatically shows Challan wise issue/receipt item details with an excellent printing in ms excel.



Shows daily estimated rent

In manual working, We can not guess how much estimated earning we can make today. 



Solver solutions design that kind of intelligent reports those are not only valuable for your business but also very very important to achieve your targets and make your brand give new heights to your business. 

Your Business Outlook @ your dashboard

Every Scaffolding Businessman wants to know their business outlook in which their overall business is projected in a nutshell. In emerald e.r.p software, Solver solutions design that type of reports like my Business outlook in which details of every party with their current ledger balance, total no. of issue and receipt challans, date of first entry and date of last entry, days since party not arrived, estimated Rent Upto date, Bills generated upto date, and amount which is not billed upto date.

Emerald E.R.P. Provides upto  date information at your fingertips. Keeping you better informed, helping you make quicker business decisions