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A Unique Business App made keeping in view

Your Customer

(Mr. Anand in this Example)


Mr. Anand has dealing with multiple shops in the market e.g. He buys

·     General goods from “Super General Store”

·     Fruits and Vegetables from “Kashmir Fruit Co.”

·     Medicines from “Healthy Touch Medicose”

·     Books From “ABC Book Shop”

·     Electricity items from “Srinivas Electric Store”

·     Garments From “Libaas Cloth House”

·     Footwear From “Mochi Footwear Store”

·     Bakey items from “Bakemans world”


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For Example

ABC Book Depot” is Using “Speed Plus” Software to manage his business

Kashmir Fruit Co.” is using “Red Apple” Software

·     “Super General Store” Is using “Speed Plus” Software

·      “Healthy Touch Medicose” is using “Miracle” Software

·      “Srinivas Electric Store” is Using “Speed Plus” Software

·      “Libaas Cloth House” is using “Penny” Software

·      “Mochi Footwear Store” is using “Penny” Software

·     “Bakeman’s World” is using “Speed Plus” Software


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Tap on Any Bill Entry to see its Bill Details with item name, qty, rate and Amount


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Keep Every Customer Always Connected and transparent


Whenever we see skype, always thought how it run same application on desktop as well as same in mobile. After six years of this thought process, now we can say ‘Yes’, we can connect desktop application to mobile app.


With ‘Tota’: Now every businessman can automate his business just like a ‘Bank’.  Means every customer who is linked with that business can see his accounts, ledger, bill details on his mobile anywhere anytime. Means complete transparency in business. In other words, there are chances that medicine for blood pressure and hypertension sales may reduce.


But in reality, with this app we can save million tons of paper means it save trees, water, environment and money.


We feel very happy and proud with our valuable partners. Your blessings and suggestions are important to us. We always work to maintain your faith. In coming versions of this app we are introducing more revolutionary and highly technical updates that will help improve lives of masses.


Next with Solver…


Business One: Android App:

 See your Business anytime anywhere in your pocket.

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Required 1000 PHP Developers on Project Partnership program




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